Wifi for Business – Necessity of Today

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Based in Ireland and currently ranked as the country’s fastest free social WiFi network, Lets-Connect boasts that its clients can provide 4G wifi connectivity to their respective customers within 3 seconds. The company is an offshoot of parent firm Fleet Connect which was born in 2008 and today it reigns over 98% of Ireland’s fleet Wifi market. Be it train, plane or bus; you’ll most probably be using Fleet Connect’s new generation wifi services.

Connectivity on the go is the hottest asset any business can have in the modern era of cyber-oriented life. Customers, businesses, employees, youngsters and adults all alike not only want but need instant, easy and fast connectivity. Even massive organizations are working for a globally connected world – imagine free wifi. Even if that day is a faint speck in the future, people can depend on enterprising and well-to-do names in the connectivity solutions industry such as Lets-Connect.

Catering to business needs for wifi hotspots; Lets-Connect provides optimum connectivity solutions for eateries, supermarkets, hotels, sport centres, even trains and various other businesses so that they can maintain their customer base and expand their reputation. Conglomerates can utilize convenient and moderately priced packages to fulfil their customer’s social needs while connecting with new customers and maintaining customer loyalty.

For such a massive company with a reputation to maintain and more than one award under its belt, you can feel free to put your trust in its hands with regards to your business connectivity needs. It’s free wifi solutions remain on the cutting edge of technology by combining a customer entered approach together with its expertise in this field tried and tested over years of customer experience.

The company understands the need that every modern business ought to provide its customers with fast and easily accessible internet service which is why its wifi for business products are tailored to function equally in a pub as in a 5-star hotel. Its technology serves not only to make customers happier when shopping or eating out but also forms a basis towards a richer customer-client experience.

The way Lets-Connect sees it, everybody wins. By hooking up your business onboard the best wifi provider Ireland has seen, you become part of an elite clientele whereas your customers are being impressed by the minute. Users will find the portal intuitive and with an easy interface, direct contact details and even current clients serviced by this free wifi provider, Dublin based firm.