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    Learn The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ceramic Tiles In Home Improvement

    Fans of ceramic tile like to say that it’s the only flooring material which can work in any room of a home. It’s a frequent sight in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, foyers, and high-traffic areas, but some homes even use it in bedrooms and living areas too. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of using ceramic tile in home improvement or design projects.

    Allergen Concerns

    Ceramic tiles typically have hard and solid surfaces that don’t attract or even hold onto allergens like dust, dirt, and pollen. If these tiny particles do happen to contact a ceramic floor, they usually stand out visually, which makes it easy to just wipe them up using a sponge or mop. This will help keep the air of your home free of irritants that might hurt anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.


    Ceramic Foor Tiles

    Image Credit: Design Emporium

    While some tiles will retain heat rather well, most tiles will get cold when the weather is cold. That can be a bit of a surprise to your bare feet when you first get up in the morning or are in the bathroom. The only way to really counteract cold tiling is by using in-floor heat. This can either be radiant heating that’s inside or under your subfloor or just electric mats underneath the tile.


    Ceramic tiles are often very affordable compared to most flooring materials. If you make the installation a DIY project, then it’s even cheaper. Having said that, if you go for higher-end tile with a professional installation, then this kind of flooring can reach the prices of good carpet or even hardwoods. The specific tile used and how hard the installation is factor in greatly into the pricing equation.

    Design Choices

    The techniques that modern manufacturers use let ceramic makers use materials which can get printed on in a variety of ways. Solid tiles might be used in mix-match patterns or just accented with distinct motifs. Ceramic tiles can even be printed in ways that reproduce the appearance of natural stones and even quite a few hardwoods. Finally, these tiles can actually be cut into shapes like planks, rectangles, and triangles.


    Ceramic flooring is very tough, and the tiles are really hard to crack. A well-maintained floor that started with a high-calibre installation might withstand a century of use. Even if a serious impact cracks a single tile, the replacement process is quite simple.


    Ceramics are very hard. This helps in cleanliness and maintenance, but it also makes them uncomfortable for standing on. You can’t soften hard ceramics using padded underlayments like you might with resilient flooring. As such, these aren’t great choices for any environment where someone has to stand up for long stretches of time. Having said that, rugs put in specific places where someone might stand a while can help out, such as kitchen areas or a bathroom sink.


    The process of installing ceramic tile can get tricky, and it’s always labour-intensive. An amateur can absolutely do it, but it’s not as easy as vinyl or laminate.

    Resistance To Water

    These are great for wet areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, thanks to their hard protective top layer which makes them impervious to most stains and water. They do have to be sealed in order to have this protection though. Also, the grout that’s between tiles can be susceptible to stains and moisture, so regular sealing is necessary here.


    Some ceramic floor tiles weigh quite a bit, and all tiles will need stiff and strong flooring in order to prevent cracks. Tiling might not be a proper choice for any upper-story installations or any flooring that has insufficient floor structuring supporting it.

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